Saturday, 8 May 2010

Faro Head...

What's that bloody sticker?
I found it on the wrapping, it made me laugh, thats about as close as I'm going to get to THE FARO RUN.

What would you look like after fifteen years stuck in a shed?

I guess I should be doing a little more than unwrapping her and taking pics as 'she' needs some TLC. The trouble is I don't have a workshop, GASP SHOCK HORROR, the big idea was to do the build in the kitchen diner, but after assembling the forks, which I did outside whilst the sun was shining, the smell of oil lubricant is not going down to well with the missus and made me realise I was being a little silly. Trouble is I don't want to have to build a shed as well or spend the denero on that as well. Catch 20/2. Fuck lets move again!
Maybe God may smile on us, lottolottolotto.
Yeah, I'm in a mood... fuck fuck fuck fuckinfuck. fuck
Anyway will be taking Miss Shovel up to 'Fenland' soon so Joe can build the 'zorst for me.
Funny, bumped into Will, a guy I haven't met for in a while, who saw this beauty in all her shiny glory on the day I brought her back from 'Matts' in Wales.
Complete Refurb, Polished, All Stainless fasteners.
She sat proudly on show in our lounge till I decided to extend the house and was the start of the end. See my first blog.
Somethings bothered me ever since I picked her up. I supplied Matt with a Cylinder Head bolt kit from Lightning Bolts at the time. The bolts had been fitted without washers so they'd fucked the powdercoat on the barrels. My fault for not supplying the washers! Not! Anyway a lot of water under the bridge since then and I guess I should check on the state of the liners, nice and rusty probably, so OFF WITH HER FUCKING HEAD(S). and fit washers as well.

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