Friday, 21 May 2010

Oh dear what have I done

90's Recession Workhorse
Gone but not forgotten, carrying a little too much weight, a little like its owner. She cost me £4000 in '88 having just sold my 'yuppie 911' and I've spent a couple more upto this pic and another four again in the late nineties on my earlier 'non' build. Engine, gearbox, wheels, powdercoating, chrome etc.
Anyway as you've seen her 2010 incarnation is well and truly on its way.
From forgotten and deserted to admired and cherished.
I know that good times are coming.
The dinero is raising its ugly head and I think the old frame, fatbobs and whats left of the FXE are for evilbay. It will make a good project for a shovel bobber.

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