Thursday, 20 May 2010

like a burst of dirty thunder...

A little light bedtime reading
Dusted off this little gem, looking for something I'd misplaced.
Written by Mr Hunter Thompson, the darling of the NME in the 7o's, 'GONZO' journalism.
I lent the best book he wrote,'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' to a friend, never to be seen again.
The first line went something like this - 'WE WERE SOMEWHERE OUT OF BARSTOW WHEN THE DRUGS TOOK HOLD'.
I was hooked.

Incidently I was looking for a bag of nuts and bolts, that came with a car trailer I bought. I sold the only fucking trailer on ebay without an axle, on tuesday!
(Ren had her pushbike nicked 2 years ago, we traded the Insurance Halfords Voucher for the trailer which came in two large boxs that I didn't unpack for over a year and GUESS what was missing.
The Guy that bought it turned out to be Mr G a Harley Man whose elder brother is in the London HA.

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