Friday, 21 May 2010

Exile on Main revisited...

When 'Keef' was the coolest dude on earth
Re-released this weekend 'Exile' is one of their dirty best, recorded on the Cote d'Azur when old harold wilson put the tax rate to 90%. I don't recall the earls court gig being that good. But me and the lads saw them at Knebworth and after a very long day, bonfires were lit. Just after ten pm the first chords of Midnight Rambler hit the air, as Mick in black catsuit with silver snakes up it stalked the big walkway.
Bloody Fucking Great.
I drove back, with my mates Neal and John asleep and my last two 'No6' for company.
By the way Ren tells me she met Charlie and Bill in the Restaurant Bar she waitressed at in Tourette sur Loup, in the hills above Nice in early eighties. Nice Chaps.

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