Wednesday, 28 April 2010

More work for HD Copyright Lawyers...

Jake Logo circa 78'
Bit of a character Jake, one of the first to import Drag Specialities Custom Parts
I knocked this up for some adverts I did for him in Superbike Magazine
The bugger then used it on his shop sign -
Motique Claycorner Chertsey Surrey.
Where of course I bought my Sporty, little did I know I'd be living in Chertsey 20 years later.
I gave him the original artwork when he shut up shop in the late 90's and moved to turkish cyprus. This print I found still has my rapidograph pen ink marks on it.
In the days before the machines...


Rowan said...

i always liked Jake... straight forward, didnt mince his words..... you always knew where you stood with Jake..... well some didnt, they were flat on their backs !! ha ha

Griff said...

I've got a business card from Motiquw, with a hand drawn picture of a looong chopper on it, I'll did it out an pit it on the blog

Anonymous said...

This was a random find for me via Google.
I remember Jake from the business,met him and Joker a couple of times when I was about eighteen through a mutual friend and family. Also remember William of the large teeth who nearly got me caught in them ;)
Get Well and Ride Safe.

Drummer1 said...

I worked for Jake in the early 80's we used my bike on the meatloaf album Hits out of hell always got on well had some good times ,then the band I was with got a recording deal and it was off in the world of rock and roll maybe ,all the best to Jake and sweep!