Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Whooahh, makes your eyes water just looking at 'em!

Hey 8" Extension anyone? Well just another boring pic to some. But if you're the kind of chap (or chappess) that's building a 'mongrel' like me - You're going to get a fucking charge!
It's an 'Easyrider' moment, ...Fonda's watch has just been laid on the desert floor, ...the fucking highway awaits.
See... Get it... Yes?
Went to jolly old Eastbourne on the coast to pick these up from a guy called Ray - a 57 year old 'masonic' biker.
Had a chat and a cup of tea, turns out he's a pro airbrush artist, does tanks and fenders (sorry mudguards!) and such.
Need to get polishing machine and Kit. The old forks need a bit of TLC after 15 years storage and new seals.
WHOOPS, nearly forgot, I have to get 8" slugs made up to support the standard length springs.

OK, two more essential items required for the frame build so we can incorporate tabs.
1. Rear Brake Caliper
2. Forward controls
My old rear caliper is shit, the bracket heavy and bent, so something different and exciting calls. I like the upside down look, so lets see.
Its Beakies Car Boot this weekend (11th) and I may get lucky. Hope to meet up with Johno and Mr Fen Chop (Joe).

NB. The mongrel is a chopper/bobber style
or a Fucking ChopBob!

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