Sunday, 4 April 2010

Abingdon Swap Meet Purchase

Not this 'Back in the Day Chop' - yours for only £3250.00!

My New Tank featuring 'Rocky' the Raccoon

Went to a chopper swap meet at Abingdon Town Football Club in Oxfordshire last Sunday and got this 3 gall Sporty tank for £70.
I decided not to piss about any longer.
I like the later curved shape and holds enough gas and its not too big. And I could see it in the flesh, everything else is in a catalogue, made in china of thin metal or loads of money. I didn't want some over designed big bucks look. Plus it came with a filler cap and petcock, doesn't need pressure testing or sealing.
I'm going to grind off the brackets at front and the welds at the back, get joe to make up new mounts underneath. The filler cap I'll modify and weld something to it to funk it up.
And finally take off the badges and ebay them, a mate of the guy on the stand I bought it off says he made £54 on ebay on similar badges.
All the work on it will push up the price but I will have made it my own!

Speaking of Evil bay, when I got back the auction had finished for the fork tubes. Guess fucking what, I got them for £50. Fucking Reezultttt...

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