Monday, 19 April 2010

For Fucks Sake... Brake!

Old School Banana Rear Caliper
Got this off Joe100@Fenland Choppers after a bit of a dance over the price and cos I wanted to call him Joe90!
Its in reasonable nick with new pads, new disc and he threw in a stainless adjustable anchor rod. I flipped the pic to show how its going to look when fitted upside down. A high tech setup would have been preferred but beggars can't be choosers. And its one more item off the 'to do' list.
This weeks target is to complete my forks.
New seals and dust covers 16.99
Dress up with Stainless fittings £5-£10
from Dave Middleton (who's still going after all this time!)
8" Slugs made from Round Bar for my extended tubes
And some bolts for the wheel discs and sprocket.

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