Thursday, 22 April 2010

8 inch Extension...

Narrow Narrow Narrow

Guess who managed to scratch his new fork legs. What a tosser. Greased the trees but didn't open them up enough. Fuck.
Just when you think life's starting to smoothout...
Cos my wife Ren got the all clear on the big C yesterday!

I've managed to hit my target for this week - get the fucking forks built!
A new friend turns out to be a jewelery designer and has a workshop. 'Why don't I come round and use her polishing wheel'. You fucking bet! Got the top tree and lower legs polished up again after their sojourn in the shed, fuck, I'm covered head to toe in rouge bar used for polishing mop.

Ordered some stainless nuts and bolts to finish the forks and risers off. Got to watch that, before you know it you gone from a 0.93p nut to £30 with vat and postage.

Then I went in search of some round bar to make two 8" slugs to pack out the internals.
Went to the man who makes metal gates and such locally and came away with some bar we found under his bench. Paid him a fiver - didn't fucking fit, my fault, didn't measure them. Went to a tool and part maker he'd mentioned the next day and they cut them to size and gave them to me! -result.


Rowan said...

Lookin good there... chrome caps on them sliders would finish them off great..

try Custom fasteners for chrome nuts n bolts if you haven't already

arcadian said...

thanks rowan
looking for exactly that plus the fork stem nut
using old mr dave middleton for smaller stainless nuts etc

arcadian said...

Blimey Rowan, thats two jewellers in one week (just checed out your blog)

Rowan said...

spooky eh? ha ha

who's the other jeweller

arcadian said...

Debbie Milne-Buckley in Chertsey, let me use her workshop as she'd had a few probs and not used for a couple of years. Evidently I covered it in rouge from the wheel and inspired her to clean and tidy up. Very talented lady. Designs and builds from scratch. Showed me her molds and some original stuff made for debeers. could get her email address if you'd like a chat.