Thursday, 25 March 2010


1981 Narrowglide forks. polished top yoke, chromed bottom yoke, reflectors machined off legs and legs polished
by matts engineering in 1997.

Ok. This week the target is to obtain some extended fork legs.
Left a 'post' on 'flywheel' and Benny kindly replied saying he may have what I want
Went to Canterbury to visit my mate Johnny for long weekend.
Guess what theyve been sold!
Fuck, heres me thinking I'm the only one going for a narrow look frontend
and lets face it 35mm forks are not exactly the latest stuff.
But thats exactly it.
Open any american chop mag and the're they are on a lot of bikes
- and thats the look, narrow maaaan!
Anyway, had a good chat with Benny and he suggested a couple of sources, and evilbay.
Guess what I found lurking amongst the dross. One set of fork tubes 35mm and 8" over -Yeeeha
Steady, lets see if my bid is accepted....

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