Monday, 8 March 2010

Another shitty day in paradise

Here's a pic (taken today) of of a sorry tale
Rule one.
Do not take your bike apart (1996)
Events dear boy, events (mcmillan was right)

The said events not necessarily in order of occurence:-

2/3 years later I collected all the bits from Matts in wales (why 2/3 years? see above)
hate colour I had powdercoated (ferrari red, yuk)
so have it all blasted off, very sensible idea that, not! still now that rust is fashionable...

then its year 2000, I know lets build an extension to house !
we run a small design company from the garage, it seemed like a good idea.

well as you can see it became a rather (due to planning permission) large conservatory .

Ok now everythings really great, nice patio, lets finish the bike...

No I cant do that,
Lets really fuck up the next few years and SELL THE HOUSE (and office)
We move everything to my Fathers house and storage in Peterboro so we can buy in Rutland shire
But we bought a small rental property in chertsey for investment (live 6 months) rent out
And then we bought a slightly larger one (live 9 months) rent out
Looks like we changed our mind on Rutland!
And then another house larger, but still no garage. Move everything back, except the the big plants as they were all dead, and loads of other stuff that went to the dump, office, computers etc

Renovate the property, me myself, now that I'm a property developer!
You can keep graphic design, too easy!
The lads down the pub now recognise me as one of them (must be the brick dust)
We communicate, drink lots of beer and play golf.

3 Years later its sold, or so we think and we've moved back to the small house so the buyer can move in quick, just like they wanted

They pull out.
The shit hits the fan, prices down 20%
I rent it out, bankers fuck up the world
2 years and 2 failed property deals later, we and the two dogs are back

Intoducing Frankie and Johnnie

I've now got a (as in small) cleaning company (rental properties need professional cleaning!)
Of course there is virtually no work, recession what recession.
And my lovely wife has been dicing with breast cancer.

aaaaaaand ggggggguess wwwwwwhat?

its today and at last I'm looking at my collection of rusting parts (I'm talking about the bike)
Its gonna be a no money build...
whats new.

Ive called joe at fenland choppers and go up on saturday with my frame (yes up there again)
and I'll let him talk me into having a hardtail chop frame and



Ken Frakes said...

I'm your first follower and expect an update pronto on getting that f**king bike on the road KnF

arcadian said...

Ok if you want to be a follower you will need to
1. Get long hair or
2. Get a tat or
3. Get your life generally fucked up (this may be the one, I know you've tried)
4. Get why I've done the blog (you seem to have got it first time)
tune in and turn on brother