Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Look what I found in the shed

Well I'd forgotten about this little number, funny it used to be tattooed on my memory banks. The most important number in my life - then.
My first true Love!
Black Ironhead 1000cc Sporty purchased on 24th of December 1977 from 'Motique' in Chertsey.
It would have been the night before, but Jake had shut the shop and I was pretty drunk (after the studio christmas lunch party in Marylebone) when I banged on the door where he lived! He offered to open up the shop but advised against it - thank fuck, I gave him a bottle of Scotch and somehow I rode back to Ealing W5.

We went everywhere...
France (early morning aperitifs! in cafes), Italy (leaning tower of Pisa at midnight - just passing through as usual! Sardinia (best meal I've ever had in my life!- a fish restaurant near the beach. A fuckoff platter of mussels in a spicy tomato sauce and delicious fresh bread with a couple of Litres of Red (Hey Neil are you out there old buddy?remember?) followed by huge crayfish, (drawn on table cloth to aid communication of course)
and Corsica (sleeping rough waiting for ferry).
Scotland (fell off in the rain near Loch Lomond) and bloody Wales (fell off there too) bloody rain, bad beer and chips.
RIP Sporty, stolen in Highgate North London in early 80s. Will post pics when I get a scanner!

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