Thursday, 18 March 2010

dusting off ma wheels...

I had these rebuilt in October 96' by Richard Bros in Cardiff for the sum of £569.88.
Stainless Rims and Spokes, and the Hubs stove enamelled Red. WHY?
To match the frame and ancillary parts which cost £270.00 to powdercoat
Ferrarri Red.
Sounds good doesn't it.
Well let me tell you, in the fucking flesh its orangey red! So what did I do ?
Have everything beadblasted and then left to rust in various storage and sheds for the next fucking fifteen years!
Except the wheels cos they needed taking apart to get at the hubs.
So a year later I took them apart and had the hubs blasted and powdercoated a nice silver grey. Then sent the wheels back to Richards Bros and had them rebuilt.
You probably can begin to see why this build took so long.

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