Sunday, 14 March 2010

Fenland Choppers

Saturday, left at 8am and arrived at FC Wisbech 10.30, not bad .
I wasn't the only visitor, one chap was already there, another guy turned up on spec from Woking, his mum lives locally, I went partly because it was near where I used to live and family still do. So I'm killing time having a cup of tea and then fuck me this guy Johnno turns up on his evo chop, all the way from Watford, his daughter lives in the village.
I think we had a little X FILE Moment - what is it about Wisbech?
Johnno is hardcore chop man, I had already come across him on bennys blog D-T-T-P , (boneshaker choppers) where he'd done around trip of 220 miles to visit them. Johnno said that what wasnt mentioned was that he left at 2pm, broke down and didnt get home till 11pm.

More about my visit later, build the fucking dream is on!

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