Sunday, 8 May 2016

A little catch up...

Its back, along with a letter about packaging - funny I used what they sent the rim to me in. Plus whoever used the grinder on the spoke nipples at Devon rim company must be blind.
 So thats £25 Post. £90 wheel build. £22 New nipples. Never again.
The rim is engraved though.
 New selector forks and shimmed up
I didn't go ahead and use it. Guess who didn't check the drain plug thread.
The bolt holds with chased threads, but it would involve another drive train and alignment issues too and I am running out of time.
skinny and fat 
 wheel and guard and sissy in
Using the old box, now nice and shiny
Hard chromed fork legs - nice job too
 long front end
Wheel in at last 

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