Sunday, 8 May 2016

and this second week of May… the suns shining ...

Survivor 70s chop from the states
Tango breather 
at my local bike night
5.6 litre 
meanwhile back in the shack 
I decide that the bars need more than a polish so a few coats of black and then a load of clear 
So another day or two delay
BDL have modified the pulley since the kit I bought five years a go
Alloy cnc pulley with mild steel spline insert. It has to be assembled and three pins pressed in (my press has now paid for itself haha) They also changed the size of the nut! I could not wait to source another socket so...
Sometimes it taking your time pays - hidden by the clutch cable adjuster 
a little heart ache on the road
pipes apart for clean yesterday

Ive missed my deadline so the chopper bash in Holland will have to go ahead without me.

1 comment:

Bastard said...

You're makin' progress..That's what counts.
Good on ya finding the frayed cable..