Sunday, 15 May 2016

on the road again, close but no cigar….

 Nearly there
off the lift 
5 kicks and she starts - and let the oil flow out until it turns brown 
 11am Saturday 
and the MOT test 
Pass! and on the road again
But One week to late for the Flanders Chopper Bash Holland

Close but No Cigar


Bastard said...

Nothing Sucks Seeds like Success.........
Christine is back and now you can reclaim your mental health on the road....As it should be....Congratulations on another win in the battle.

arcadian said...

Thanks Larry. Still left with one problem. Oil blows by the crankcase crank seal on the left side where the alternator is. Had this problem a while and convinced myself that excessive crankcase pressure was causing it. Caused by the worn rings and barrels, but she still is doing it with yet another new seal…
Any ideas? please drop me a line. Thanks