Sunday, 17 April 2016

Polish on polish off, shiny engine bits installed...

Heads back together last Sunday
And this week finally on the bike. 
'Some people' always forget the rear rocker will not go on as there is no room under the frame.
And having installed the heads have the brain wave of removing the engine mounting bolts to the frame and moving and tilting the engine sideways to get the rear rocker on over the studs. Oh and don't forget  those two pesky head bolts you have to install in the barrels before tightening the cylinder base bolts earlier haha….
 Push rods adjusted and magneto in and timed.
A little thank you to my wife Ren for getting out the brass polish!

Oh and the front wheel has been re -built and on its way back to me!


roland said...

that's clean Trev

arcadian said...

cheers Roland - be nice if it was on the road!

Bastard said...

Good to see Christine back in one piece.