Sunday, 10 April 2016

two steps forward . one step back or is it one step forwards and…..

 The wheel saga continues, pick up disassembled wheel and send the short spokes and my original spoke to devon rim Co. to make some more to match my sample. 
Sean the owner @ Devon Rim Co. says his spokes are correct and to cut a long story short says to send rim and hub to him and he will check and build it. Which I would have done the in the first place except they no longer build wheels because its not cost effective!

Linkerts T shirt  to be saved from workshop Rag
and mounted on a board with the 1st Trip out T Shirt on Display 
Ratttlecan Sunday 
Sissy too 
Ahh - remember why I called her Christine 
Engine cleaned and waiting on assembly 
Heads Vapour blasted and cleaned 
Should have put the pistons in the barrels first as the bloody ring compressor too big and could not be disassembled to remove so we had to cut it up and Mark who helped me (did most of it!) join 2 jubilee clips together and bingo!
that she blows 
exhaust valves needed quite a bit of grinding but came out Ok

So on to the next Saga

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