Sunday, 3 April 2016

Christine was living up to her name this week and pushed me very near the edge on friday...

Last year I asked Carl @ Fram motorcycles if he could build a wheel for me. He said yes if i could get the spokes and rim as he could not get the Harley rim. 
The only company able to supply in stainless steel is 
stainless 21" rim (£260) and spokes (£120) to fit my hub and so I bit the bullet.
Last Saturday I took my old wheel to Jerry @ Fram motorcycles to check for spoke pattern before I take it apart.
He called it a 4 spoke pattern (4 holes between) 
 Then after the weekend took my disassembled hub, new spokes (£120)(£260) back to them and his son Carl took it in. We agreed I would send him the wheel pics for reference.
 and called in @ Andy Tiernans Classic Bikes to pick up some Oil
lovely Vee twin parked outside 
back in the day we called a combination 
Wednesday cut and reposition the front tank bracket 5mm lower so the back isn't trying to grind a hole against the frame. Had to weld another piece of bar to it. Not pretty and used the last of the gas. 

And so we come to Friday!
I drive to the wheel builders in Framlingham - they are shut for lunch so I drive fifty miles to Krazyhorse for some bits and pieces Ive ordered. Picking up my Cylinder heads on the way. Vapour blasted they look great and clean!

The parts haven't been delivered due to a fire at the port in Holland. So on to SoLow Choppers to pick up my Piston Rings. The first week Clive ordered the rings with the new Barrels and pistons but they were out of stock. The next week he ordered the wrong set. This week they are in and correct, all good and back to Framlingham wheel builders by 4.30pm.
Carl tells me there was a problem with the spokes
you can see the angle is wrong.
I am feeling pissed. I purchased the rim and spokes separately because their was no alternative and now the builder Carl has done his best but they are wrong.
No phone signal here and it turns out I don't have Devon Rims number so Home steaming.
I call them but its friday 5pm and they are shut!
Back to the wheel builder 9am Saturday morning
Carl is not there! but his father Jerry is.
We establish that if it had been laced to the correct spoke pattern the spokes were too long and not enough thread plus the angle on the short spoke is wrong. So Carl had laced it to a longer angle six spoke pattern.
I ask them to call the devon Rim Co. on Monday and explain the problem and hopefully get another set!
Leaving me in the invidious position of being in the middle of all this but having paid for it!

The picture is of a ££££ Brough Superior Wheel in for a respoke.

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