Sunday, 27 March 2016

easter love in - trying to get all the brackets redone

she's fighting me all the way 
engine out and cases polished up as best I could
I discover that the dick that did the mudguard also made the sissy out too 
main bracket on and then welded the oil tank support to that
sissy brackets welded 
then cut and rewelded  
as it wasn't square 
the mudguard has now moved and bottom bracket now doesn't fit - well it does now - but not much room between the wheel and guard thanks to my friend the dick who cut the guard
Not a Good Friday
Saturday breakfast - first crab of the season
and cylinder heads off for vapour blast
 New Stainless 21"x 1.85 rim and spokes arrived for the front wheel
and a little light reading


Bastard said...

You know, nothing worthwhile is easy...We could quote Rudyard Kipling to ya.......But, it looks like your on the way to perfection all by yourself...Interesting work on a very cool bike..

arcadian said...

She gets cut in half in the book..

grant said...

Gday Trevor,
Long time since I been here...
Good to see you STILL working on The Bitch...patiently...and she seems to be her cantankerous old self!
Still got ya 'anotjer shitty day in paradise' sticker on my computer at work..helps get me through the days
cheers mate and all the best

arcadian said...

Better than Facebook mate. Good to hear from you. Got some shovel stickers ( like the one on the mudguard if you'd like a couple. Cheers