Sunday, 6 March 2016

Starting is the hardest, a few decisions now made - and the grinder cometh...

 Well - now the fork tubes out and gone
A little polishing of the bits left over of now
and another little surprise. a piece of metal in the belt 
that left a few dents in both pulleys 
From 1974 - Tomorrows Custom Harleys - Today!
the primary is covered in oil and debris 
the oil coming from the crank seal - after all this time I have come to the conclusion that its not the seals but crankcase pressure. 
So a rebore is the next on the cards... 
A present arrived from my friend Blind Melon in Cali
Respect from Suffolk to all of you in the States


Bastard said...

You are welcome..Good to know the post still works..
Kinda slow, but does the job...Cheers from So. Cal.

Cali is in S.America, ain't it? Or, Mexico?

arcadian said...

geography is obviously not my strong point haha