Wednesday, 15 August 2012

and then the throttle locked open...

went out to test the new plugs
set the carb yesterday and ran really well, 
so I thought I'd try with the NGK Iridium plugs.

So we are in the third lane of the M25 doing 70 ish and the throttle locked open...
Funny, my right hand still looked for the kill button, that used to be there before chopperdom.
 Eventually the revs eased a bit, I turned off the ignition, switching lanes and pulling over on the hard shoulder. And what a miserable place that is.
Phew. what caused that? and...
Fuck the keys are missing.

Walk back up the hard shoulder and there they are... 
in the second lane, but not for long - a car spins them into the third lane, then shortly another, boinggg into the outside lane and then another bounces them onto the concrete central barrier.
Just no fucking luck.

So what to do, ring my mate Pete, get him to pick up my spare key and ask him to find me on the 25.
Or... hotwire the ignition.
So, hands shaking while these fucking monsters roar by I wire it up under the seat, wondering whether she'll rev through the roof if she starts.
And then how do I stop her...

Throttle seems to be free and she fires right up no revving.
I thought if there's a problem I'll just pull up the choke lever...

We dawdled home till I found some confidence and tried koshing the throttle. Seems OK.
Pull up outside the house and pull on the choke (enrichment lever).
Fucking great idea - she hesitates and then revs up!
this can't be right, she dies every time when cold if you do that. 
Try it again, revs go up.
Fuck it, pull the plug caps and she dies.

And I still don't know what caused it all...

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