Saturday, 11 August 2012

a dunsfold tale...

a camera would have been useful on this jaunt
Pete came over on his shovel and waited while I tried yet another start technique.
Ten kicks later we are off to Dunsfold following Pete who knew of a nice pub in the village.
M25 junction 10 and I stall the bike, four lanes of traffic, she won't start, my back goes into spasm from an earlier muscle strain and I manage to push her to the road side. A guy pulls in with his car to give me some protection (thanks mate) and I find a bit of pavement on the roundabout. My back calms down and so does Christine and she finally starts.

We catch up with Pete who is waiting on the A3 slip-road ahead. Good to get on some of the back roads of Surrey, it really is beautiful out here. Whoops, all of a sudden this corner is getting fucking sharp, overshoot, we're in the middle of the road, heading toward a car, the rear wheel locks, she slides, its left foot down time and I do have time to think 'YOU STUPID FUCK - IS THIS IT?'
then she flips upright and we miss the car and are round the corner...

Calm down and look at the speedo later on, need some gas, no gas stations out here, then we enter Bramley village, there she blows. No time to tell Pete, pull in and get cash too (amazing), then she won't start, she always starts hot!
 Fuck try the 3 WOT prime, 1 Cracked Open On technique and were off.
No sign of Pete, we stop, no phone signal, Pete calls, guess, yes he's waiting yet again ahead at a turning.

The Sun at Dunsfold is situated on the green alongside a cricket pitch. We sit on a bench outside with our backs to the pub in the shade. Savouring the moment with cold draught ginger beer. 
The peace is disturbed as we watch a spanking new black Ferrari cruise slowly by.
I jokingly said to Pete 'bet he's got lost looking for Dunsfold Aerodrome (where they film Top Gear).
Next thing we know he's back and pulls up next to us, the window rolls down and
'Can you tell me where Dunsfold Aerodrome is?'
did we laugh.
Its time to go, think, well she's been sat a while, but hot, I'll give her one squirt.
She fires up first kick...

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