Saturday, 25 August 2012

tech tips in paradise

Exhaust Leak?
Evo gasket part # 65324-83 - cut in half
 and slip over your original gasket
there will be a gap but it seals
- but not for me, not quite, and I tried it without the gasket
I also tried some special 'racing' exhaust gasket sealant, 
but that didnt work for me, it seemed to melt when hot
but I did try this 'high temp' oven sealant, Otto Seal S17
leave for 24hrs to cure
It worked for me.

My rear exhaust port has always been a problem since the rebuild
The port had been welded and the new style James gasket would not fit. So a fair bit of relieving had to be done with a very small file.
Coupled with an an exhaust flange that was not quite square to the head meant the gasket didn't seal on the opposite side to the mounting stud.
Another stupid Harley design, although I fitted studs on the rebuild, god help you if using a bolt which strips the threads in the head. Ask me how I know...

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