Saturday, 17 March 2012

Seventeen year old in action again

Got tired of this new 'will she- won't she' start saga 
I called Alex @ Grizzlys for a price on a new coil. 
A new single fire coil will cost £150 quid - and that is not an option.
He suggested testing the Ultima coil by using a hair drier to see if it breaks down when hot and compressed air in reverse.

 My seventeen year old Accel 'super' coil for points ignition
My problem seems not quite so black and white as sometimes it will not start cold, and if she does, by the time I've packed and got her onto the road, 
will not start again.
Decide to temporary remove the ultima ignition and fitted the blue streak points and my coil - A - fucking - gain!
The shots a little fuzzy as she was running at the time!

Bitches Diary
14th March 
Will not start, add petrol to plugs as before and will not start, coughs through carb with throttle open

15th Charge battery, hot wire, starts 2nd kick. warm up. Stop and leave 5mins and starts first kick. Take to road to test, fires but will not start.

16th Friday. Think its the coil. Refit points ignition and coil. Takes a few kicks and starts with throttle open. Warm up. Stop and starts again hot. Road test, starts after a few kicks, throttle open. Starts first kick at gas station, ride 10 miles. 
But now have no 4th gear!

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Dan Stocker / Al Stocker / West Stocker said...

Mate if you need a coil i have one
p.m on the site and we can sort it out.