Friday, 9 March 2012

'her loudness' is too vocal ...the noisy bitch

The Kromeworks HP+ baffles supposedly give better performance but the sound is just deeper. Decided to try two baffles, adding the original cheese graters (which are one baffle cut in two) will hopefully tone down the attention grabbing noise and more important a little easier on my ears on the road. 

The baffles were covered in black soot when removed.
She's doing about seven miles to the litre, while we run in the engine, a light hand on the throttle to forty mph, thats about about 32 miles to the gallon so I think its time to revisit the Super E jetting.
Currently running an intermediate 28 and main 70.
I have now gone back to the 26.5 and a 68.

Everything I do on her seems to go in circles and is done not once but twice and sometimes thrice.
She would not start with the Super E enrichener and now will not start without. Ha.
And so an adjustable enrichener has been ordered.

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