Monday, 19 March 2012

catalogue of errors

 selector is stuck between gears giving me false neutral and one down is not first but third gear!
odd because it was set in neutral and so was the box when assembled
 thats how the box looked in 'neutral' - not!
 and some plank (me) used loctite 270 on the gearbox stud nuts and consequently they all came undone instead of the nuts!
 and if that happens, what's left of the oil comes out through the threaded holes!
no lock ring on the shifter shaft - so that could move laterally
so I've  have ordered two (andrews) selector forks, locktabs and a lock ring plus 4 bloody studs 
because the coarse thread means I dont have any way of getting them undone without knackering the threads as no nuts I have fit to lock them and tuesday is grizzlys parts order day.

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