Sunday, 11 March 2012

back together again baby...

Looking for a reason why the selector jammed
Just as I am about to put the selector cover back together I notice the mainshaft selector fork is proud of the shifter finger that the shifter cam sits on by 3mm
So was that the cause? 
The selector cam is not able to sit on the shift fingers properly?
(incorporatinglots of new to me techno manual speak)
After a bit of "should I take the gearbox out' or 'try to take off the extra metal in-situ' - shall I, shan't I, argument with myself
 Its done (in situ with a bloody small hand file, gaffa tape, some cloths and a vacuum cleaner. Phew. 
Which just leaves the question - WHY was it like that?
These new pawls jammed and are not as well shaped as the originals (which were not that bad) and I really had had enough by then, so they got removed. I guess the label says it all.
And finally, some bling for her ladyship
a Kustom Tech Adjustable Enrichener 
At first she would not start with the enrichener on and now will not start without it. Bitch. Standing there with some clothes pegs, which work when full on but aren't adjustable, haha, is a bit of a bore.

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