Saturday, 3 March 2012

all is not lost, or... best not panic...

 could be the gears - but they go round and the oil has 
no metal fragments in it (I sieved it)
it could be the selector in the cover as it seems stuck 
its not the throwout bearing 
(which is called a pushrod assembly in the manual) 
as its all there on the end of the pushrod
the shifter cam doesn't return, but can't see why unless its taken apart
 stupid design ('to remove cover drill hole and pry loose')
 has to be the bloody pawls jamming somehow
the selector cam has a little wear but seems ok
 the formidable parts diagram
so those evil pawls (plus spring) are going to be replaced
and the last person in there didn't do both locktabs on 
the plunger block either

Thank fuck it wasn't the gearbox (sorry tranny)
Parts in One week 

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