Saturday, 1 January 2011

the shitty shovel awards? haha

Shitty Paradise 2010 Winner
turning japanese
Consistently mentioned in nearly all votes this swinger deserved 
a shitty day in paradise
Builder and Owner Unknown 
Anyone got info?

Highly deserving a day in Paradise 
Max Schaaff's Coast to Coast genny shovel 
Got my vote and Pete's and Guy's
fuck this lets ride


Rowan said...

i first saw that bike on the 'with evo spo' blog.... but my japanese is a bit rusty so i have no idea... but its funny innit, if you look closely at that picture you can see something interesting

the bike with the most votes is not a runner ...

ironic eh?

arcadian said...

yeah, noticed a few bits missing when I first saw it on your blog
but clean forgot about it, fuck,
they are gonna have to fire up their bikes next time Rowan!

arcadian said...

Happy New Year Rowan!

Rowan said...

happy new year mate... ;)