Friday, 7 January 2011

its fucked

what? the fucking tig why?I don't fucking know How?the fuck do I know
When I (nervously) pressed the trigger for the first time there was a phuutt noise and a gas noise but no werr- clickking elec noise and molten metal happening. So I check connections and settings and manual troubleshoot and try again and again. So Ren says 'why don't you phone somebody and stop shouting at it'.
So I did.
And its going back.

Had to wait till Tues for the blacksmith chap to open up to get some scrap metal. Outside workshop was freezings and windy and then it pissed down and hasn't stopped . So its inside kitchen workshop, move the sofa and strategically place coverings over the (faux) limestone floor, a piece of galvanised sheet  the 'blacky' gave me on the scrapped workmate and its sorted. See, what you can do with a bit of ingenuity, voila a workshop (no underfloor heating tho Steve, haha). I'll have a bench knocked up in no time ...well mainly because there are a few marks on the kitchen worktop that shouldn't be there.

So its taken a quite while to get the machine then the gas then the metal then the workplace and then press the button and... fucking nothing.

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Rowan said...

sounds about par for the course

i'm glad its not just me these things happen to....