Thursday, 13 January 2011

gimme a break...

Now its the regulator!
 The dial face is bent so the needle doesn't travel. I wondered why I couldn't adjust the pressure before - I thought it was just me,  shame it could have been replaced when the tig went back.
So fuck it, I couldn't face sending it back, took the clear plastic front off, bent the face down and also in by taking the back off which seemed hinged but was tacked on so that had to be araldited back on.
It worked. Not that it made much difference to my first attempt !

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Rowan said...

keep going... my first attempt looked like the grand canyon... in fact i think i was going through more tungsten electrodes than filler rods !!!

in fact years ago my first attempt with a stick welder was on a moggy traveller floor pan from underneath... nobody told me to remove the carpet in the car and the wholle f'kin thing went up in flames... i never did that again hahaha