Sunday, 23 January 2011

fish (scales) on friday

 fish scales
penetration (ish)

Some people have fish on fridays, I had fish scales.
A bit of practice with the last bits of metal I had and Yeeehaaa!
No tig practice at the weekend as it affects the neighbours TV's - HaHa

Roland had kindly given me some settings as I was burning holes and not a happy bunny.
So a few emails later this is what we had:
1/16th steel 
50 amp
1.6 Tungsten
6 L/min Gas
A bit different from the text books and millers calculator
Roland reckons thats for Pros.
Can't thank you enough my friend and a certain chap in spain
The final test will be the brackets on the bike that are 1/8th Steel
But some practice first, if you have any settings / advice for this please comment or mail me

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