Sunday, 2 January 2011

another shitty year in paradise

Shock, Horror The paradise shovel winner is a cardboard cutout, so Max's 'Coast to Coast' (runner) gets it and all future entrants will have to fire up their bikes! haha
2010 the good: 
after extended prevarication (15 years haha) I had a frame and lots of other parts made by joe ( cos this is not a catalogue bike) and my shovel can now hold her head high again
and started this blog to force me to finish her this time and for other reasons see my profile 

my lovely Ren got her hair back,  jet black and curly (all she's ever wanted)

got to know some cyber friends on the blogosphere and I hope very much to meet you on the road this year. 
and people like Paul who I met at an NCC show and subsequently we have regular chats in his garage and lent me his drill and look what happened haha
the bad: A year of very little work and so some very black days and Rens thyroid packed in 

the ugly: my bloody operation haha, if you've had one you'll know, if not you're lucky

 2011? the shov and I have an adventure...


Rowan said...

HAYRIDE you Fúkker !! hahaha

you got till the end of july to get that shovel on the road.... Bisley aint that far from you mate !!

arcadian said...

your mum not warn you about internet dating? Haha