Sunday, 30 August 2015

I could not end the month without another shitty tale...

Monday. This oil leak has plagued me since I started and had another go - this time making sure the little screws I had put in with blue loctite previously, removed and cut the ends off them (and put the plastic grip the correct way round!) installed with loctite instant gasket sealant. plus another crank seal along with a rubber o'ring installed behind it flush against the bearing and sits in the groove on the crank.
And discovered the bearing was shot on the clutch hub. My circlip pullers were not big enough so Mark at the local garage got them off for me. Stuck it in the oven and still could not separate it. back to mark who had a 10 ton press and he ordered and fitted the new bearing. 
Friday afternoon go to test ride. I had just started our little cold start routine, when my neighbours pulled up with granny so I held off blasting them. Forgot if I had pumped the the throttle and gave a couple more. Didn't fire on two kicks - too much fuel I guess. Third Kick - and Kapow - she kicked back at top of stroke.
Cracked the gearbox kicker cover and discovered a fucked starter cog too
Saturday morning. Hmmm - remembered I had a spare box for the next project
that had been plundered by someone but found a cog which I cut and ground off the damaged bits
and fitted my shaft into the cover
She tried to have my leg again starting her, so redid the timing, I had been running slightly advanced but without this problem.
Next mistake. 
Ride to Krazyhorse 50 miles to pick up a starter crank without test ride first!
Put in some fuel out of can in garage.
Clutch squealed a bit. Bike ran bad hoped it was fuel. We didn't stop for fuel.
Would not start there. Usually one kick and the primary is making a noise. Eventually George Kicked as my Knee playing up. Then went To Clive at SoLow Choppers thats behind a Gas Station and fill up.
Won't start again, tried to have my leg, clive thought the timing advanced? and making a big noise when she does start.
Take off primary cover everything tight thank fuck but there is this noise.
Started to Rain! and I get her going leaving a nice puddle of oil from the breather.
The misfire cleared as the new fuel came through, a little damp but we got home safe. Phew.

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