Tuesday, 1 September 2015

August Tale End Tales

 up on the lift again seems constant every week now
to find source of noise - refit a new kicker gear and find out why the timing is advanced and nearly had my leg off.
The crank seal leaks still its not from the little screws holding the regulator wires
I took it off put on a smaller o'ring 9 although its not leaking down the grooved teeth of the crank and this time pushed it on flush up to the bearing. Somehow I don't think that will work.
I found the pulley was loose causing the noise - but the nut wasn't!
 My fault. The washer I used previously which was thicker than the one originally supplied was not going over the shoulder on the crank. (the inner diameter is 7-10 thou smaller). Somehow I didn't notice and that little o'ring I put behind the crank seal was too big. and pushed everything forward. I was going to replace it but the spare replacement seal didn't arrive till Saturday and I had already got other problems to deal with!
So I now have to get a new pulley - £100 - OUCH

And finally - 
 I fitted a a new IRIS Xring chain two weeks ago - the previous one lasted 13000 miles! I should have taken it off at earlier at 10000 (heh heh) as thats when it started to need adjusting after every outing although not loose on sprocket. 

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