Wednesday, 19 August 2015

She loves me, she love me not , she loves me… not

And... 4th time lucky
New Rotor with rear earth magnets fitted, won't start
Next day fit new set of points and
Bingo fires on three kicks
Try Stop and get it to start again, so go and get helmet etc.
20 mins later wheel outside and doesn't start, so try WOT
and off we go, 20 miles runs great, so we stop for fuel on the way back, just to see if she'll start.
Keeps me waiting 20 mins on red hot motor, take out the plugs, always dry , clean refit and bang we're off home.

So adjust the points next day - a tight 15thou, and she fires up.
Great, get my gear and she will not start.  Change plugs (18 thou gap)
starts after three kicks and wheel her out on street.
This time we do 50 miles, she goes like a Raped Ape!
I can't say how good it felt, acceleration is amazing.

The next day Sunday, will not start, no pops and no bangs
and nothing since.

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