Monday, 1 July 2013

there and back again, or... I rode this heap to Linkert Attacks!

 hmmm... mrs arcadian looks pensive, the dogs don't give a fuck...
and just as we were about to leave , the posty arrived 
with a lucky linkert t-shirt from paulie @ magneto zoo in sweden
who we met later at Rowans
a good luck sign?- I took it anyway, we need it...

 80 miles later and we're ok...
 I met up with Johno and Keiran (middle) in Watford, then we met Baz (left) at Southhampton...
Then 60 miles in the the fucking rain to chez Rowan in Dorchester
who not only dried us out and with his wife Kriss served up a mountain of food for fifteen
thanks for your outstanding hospitality my friend
pic of Alex(left) and his Dad (their 45 combie  blew) and James "of Jamesville" (Far right) and his mate from Copenhagen
It finally stopped raining the next day on the way to Exeter
at 7am we had to fix my stuck throttle, which after convincing myself it was the accelerator pump sticking and taking the carb off,  turned out to be the internal throttle mechanism. Lots of sticky blue grease helped a little but most of the time I could only get up to a third throttle,
still thats 60mph...
Basher joined us 
'now which is the unleaded?'
Rowan feeds his knuck 
the bitch marks her spot
Baz and his forty year old friend 
so after some 350 miles on the bitch, we arrive 

more later dear reader...

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Cracking stuff mate, bring on part deux.