Wednesday, 26 June 2013

meeting the choppergod in watford...

johno @chopstock 2013

Funny how everytime you want to get away, all of a sudden work appears
 the local pub ( closed due to the landlord doing a runner) 
needs a clean and... 
'can you help us out  - pronto'
of course  sir, your worship etc,

then my lovely partner has a wobbly fit (meneires disease)
so I thought, fuck it , i'll go to the event late (as usual)

but its all finished bar the shouting...
 and myself and the good ship (bitch) Christine
shall fuck off to pastures LINKERTS
on thursday at 11am

arriving at the chopper god residence on the way, approximately 2.30pm
one hundred and twenty miles later for a cuppa

and then my friends, on to  the holy grail...

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