Wednesday, 24 July 2013

solo to so-low

Saturday to So-low Choppers near Bury St Edmunds
another 100 mile round trip
Made welcome by Mark as Clive the head honcho was off to pick up 
an ebastard find. 
I bumped into Steve who had been knocked off his bike by a post office van. 
They were fixing it up for him, in their rather dusty workshop, the paint an prep area and engineering are in the same large warehouse. 
Amazing damage at fifteen miles an hour, including that  £2000 quid 
Pageant paint OUCH!

Christine has stopped puking!
The S&S Breather gear did the trick and later I swopped the feed and vent hoses on the oil tank, an inch and half can make difference! (they are together at the top right of the tank and have no tubes inside)
The new Mufflers required a jet change so now running 29.5 Intermediate which makes in run a lot smoother at low revs and no coughs at closed throttle from the carb. And as I had gone up two sizes, I've gone up one to 70 on the main jet, although she wasn't complaining the plugs are now the right colour. Amazing how drag pipes can cause a such rich condition.

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