Sunday, 7 July 2013

How to stop the bitch puking...

Ordered an S&S steel breather gear
 Baz (he of best chop fame and owned for forty years) suggested I try a new crankcase breather gear to resolve my puking problem first. Its done it since the rebuild, I've tried reseating the pump check valve, removing the oil cooler (the oil could be backing up in the lines) but it still does it, usually after a few miles at a gas station when kickstarting.
  looks like someone has enlarged the breather hole
and replaced the plastic OEM with a steel breather!
the £112 S&S model seems to be timed to open earlier 

Not sure this rather expensive fix is going to sort the problem
Baz said it could be Oil blow by caused by pistons not sealing, but she has done this from the get go so I don't think thats the cause
Just got Donny Petersens Shovelhead Part Two
and oil blow by is caused by a lot of factors that HD tried to redress
Some light relief
I met 'Chopper' (steve) 'Magneto Zoo' (Paulie) and 'Jamesville' James on my linkert travels

The new breather gear seems to fix the problem

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