Monday, 18 June 2012

Show time

We were on the road early, motorway cruising @ a steady sixty five.
The mind starts ticking over as there's fuck-all to do. 
So after looking at the speedo and counting the slow miles, 
you start to listen for odd noises... 
has something vibrated loose... 
is the oil circulating... 
start to think I hate fucking motorways, I want to shift my legs and... 
Fuck it, I'm not going back. 
And when we got there the ticket office were cool. 
Its not like I'm the only person in the world that forgets their tickets is it...
 Knuckle or S&S?
Shovel? - hmmmm
seems it maybe the year of the shov
trumpet engineering
 Larry's engineering
with the new JAP engine
 still in vogue
 split head
fly by wire engineering
the Italian Knuck
 second city customs
big sucker shov

older engine based customs seemed prevalent at the show 
or maybe thats just my tunnel vision... haha  


WhitelinePsycho said...

Nice shots of some tasty kit, 'man with perm' was most tittersome.

grant said...

nice shots.. thanks Trev. Long run those shovels...

arcadian said...

Thanks guys.
Doubt whether I'd go again, crap organisation, pity the vendors, should have used that empty car park where the band played to no one. Oh and there was a huge marquee labeled custom show vehicles - empty. I could go on.