Sunday, 17 June 2012

bewley hooley

 man with perm and mate (with stockers mug) saturday 8am
 beaulieu custom show 10.30am
of course it is
 right on
 rocket bobs shov with new tank and guard
amen to that
 the devil is in the detail
 the man with the plan (lorne the organiser)
 double trouble
 beached boys
 lets go
 beached jivers
 two of the six or seven 'hot rods' at the 'festival'
 listen to the man
'sweet' as our cousins across the water say
 sickboyz pizza crew
 see the hand mate
Wow the tents are still there after the worst of all day hooley winds
 6am sunday - the sun - hooray no more winds
Sunday Home

Phew what a fucking hurricane weekend.
We really thought the tents would just not be there when we came back from the bar.
Paul had the adventure this time.
Almost home and he leaves the motorway (and me) and bang has a flat.
Still could it have been a bit different story at 70 mph.

Be careful on the M3, watched an unlucky VW transporter van dude get busted by an un-marked black range Rover Discovery.

some show pics to come

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