Thursday, 14 June 2012

if at first you don't succeed...

some pearls of wisdom

Over the last six months it has seemed to be just one problem after another.
Some due to my lack of experience, a little bad luck 
and previous 'professionals' work.

Gearbox, replaced with correct selectors, shifts gears a treat and... 
now does not leak!
Misfire, rocker box leak fixed, all due to worn valve seats, which will be replaced next year, but for now the rocker covers have been relieved so the valve collars don't hit the walls.
Hard starting due partly to the above and slight timing issue and buying the software to change ignition settings. The electronic ignition really does perform better than points.
Mid range hesitation due to carb which requires much smaller jets than most people run. Due mainly to the restrictive small 'custom' air filter which also makes her run far too rich too.

And Things that fall off and go bump in the night!

One problem seems harder to fix, - the fucking weather!

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grant said...

glad to see you still got ya philosophy, if ya sense of humour can be tested at times...