Sunday, 3 June 2012

cleaning up after the party...

Rocker Leak
The front rocker box started leaking badly at the front.
I found fresh marks the exhaust valve collar hitting the cover wall
and somebody (I think me?) had already relieved the metal.
The valve seats will need to be replaced next time.
If you use that blue gasket sealant check that it hasn't spread on the inside, cos it can get in the oil-ways, I took the head off again and it had, sometimes paranoia pays. Stopped the leak.
That fucker ain't coming loose again
Drain plug loctite(d), ptf taped, drilled and wired (with stainless welding rod, all I had to hand this time)
Rear covered in oil
The rear brake had to be disassembled and rear wheel out 
 that steam cleaner came in handy, reaches the parts cloths can't.  
No Gearbox leak
third time lucky, JB-Weld the 2 leaking studs and a new drive seal
and road tested.
Starts 3rd/4th Kick... WTF????
No prime kicks, lots of gas (this before I did the work! -to drain the oil).
Getting her to start the week before was a fucking nightmare.

Now just got to tweak the carb mid range misfire...haha

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