Monday, 21 November 2011

some guys have all the fun...

Just a little update. The ultima ignition I installed on my Shovel must be set at Zero dead revs after all. I pulled my S&S Super e off and cleaned it really good, it had been sitting for months while I waited on a new transmission and the ultima ignition, and after I adjusted it back to factory specs my shovel fires up on the 1st or second kick cold and 1st kick hot. Every time. Very impressed with the Ultima unit as well when it comes to the idle. With points it would fire up easily but the idle tended to be a little erratic. Sometimes it would idle really well and others it would idle fine for a little bit and then abruptly cough and die. Normally just an annoyance on a bike with electric start but a major pain in the ass on a kick only shovel like mine. Loving it now.
pinched from chopcult forum



shrew said...

ha! I thought you had a bit of success

Rowan said...

go back to points !!!