Sunday, 20 November 2011

losing the will to live part 2...

this week a nice young man in a suit gave me his card...
 Paul came round again and kindly spent Monday morning with me trying to load on to his PC running Vista. Called Dynatek UK, evidently they run it on windows XP! Sent email to Dyna USA, they sent detailed instructions to disable the user access control (security) in vista. Thanks but why can't you put that in the bloody instructions, the internet is full of people having problems loading this software.
Ray (of CJ Smith Electricals shop, Chertsey!) managed to load his mini laptop (running windows XP) with my dynatek software by changing some code as 1. It would not load due to screen size and 2. It wouldn't recognise the driver to run the usb connection.
Finally managed to load down to the ignition unit . 
The first attempt didn't work. Evidently loading the software disables the switches on the ignition unit and the ignition should be turned on so I spent another half  hour kicking the bitch over. 
And I reload the programming again.

Finally I wheel Christine outside and try again. 
Pump the throttle, kick through a with ignition off.
Ignition on and she fires first kick - I cannot believe it. 
Check the return pipe, wheres the fucking oil? 
And moments later there she blows so switch off.

Fuck, Ive got the shakes, 'Ren get the fucking camera'!

Reconnect the pipe to the oil tank and mop up the spillage and start again
Kick through off and kick on and bam she fires again, 
blatt blatt blatt - fuck weve done it !

Well as you can see the vid didn't work... 
and she wouldn't start again...


Quaffmeister said...

Tenacious Trev we'll be calling ya mate!
Outstanding determination!

Rowan said...

Hell yeah baby YEAH !!!