Monday, 29 August 2011

Somewhere over the rainbow

somebody may be saved from this...
Reworked battery cover and incorporating neat little horn 
- that doesn't work
Running light tales
Swapped bulbs -no, took my connections apart -no, ran bypass wires and it still wouldn't light fucking up. So had a look at the little connector under the bulb and it was black, the other light had a shiny brass one, so got the sandpaper out and bling bloody bling.
Hi-Low head lights
Instead of re-soldering the switch wires (duh) I had the original idea of swapping the wires in the light shells!
and finally vital signs!
don't look right though, took it apart again to check the rotor and checked timing marks and re-checked top dead centre, front piston on compression
couldn't get the light to come on till I moved the plate backwards. 

Oh and finally my new phone from ebay arrived - eventually
...except it ain't what I ordered!


The Tinslecat said...

your getting there mate, thats the main thing!

slowly slowly catchy monkey.

These things arent supposed to be easy - wheres the fun in that....

grant said...

Hey Trevor. Got a shitload of those lights in a bin at home. Don';t like 'em, but just can't being myself to throw 'em away. (pack rate mentality). Every time I remove one I find they have had water in them! best of the British and I like the look of the way things are coming together. Stick with it brother!

arcadian said...

grant, there ain't any water in the outback mate