Monday, 1 August 2011

from dusk till dawn...

what a fucking great party 
won 'GKM' best bike 
and what a bike 
the rear brake hub took one week to machine and fab
 devil in the detail
two local experts - haha
there's always a spoiler, 
some dickhead nicked Guys poster

thanks to anna and andy p, 
it really a great party 'from dusk till fucking dawn'

more shitty pics to come...


Pete Stansfield said...

Good to finally meet you. I cant remember a dusk it was just day then night !

Guy@GK said...

And Toddy started it with one kick in front of the crowd... worthy winner. Good to have a chat.

arcadian said...

cheers amigos, it reminded me of the film pete.
and toddy told me it took him 4/5 kicks at lunchtime -winners luck, haha

Tibbs said...

Great weekend Trev, good to see ya, thank the misses for the luvly cakes etc.

arcadian said...

glad you got home safe mate, cheers

Anonymous said...

nice to see you mate ;) and thanks for the cakes ;) shaun

arcadian said...

cheers shaun, till next time, mate